Video of Joe Mixon punching woman

Earlier this month, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled the video was public record and should be released to the media.

The video had been the subject of a battle between the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters and the City of Norman.

Video of Joe Mixon punching woman releasedIn the video, you can see Mixon have words with a woman,

Amelia Molitor, before she shoves him, then he punches her. In a statement from Mixon’s attorneys, they said he asked them to provide the media with copies of the video recorded at Pickleman’s Gormet Cafe on July 25, 2014.

Mixon said he is sorry for how he reacted and has apologized publicly to Molitor and the University. He said he is focused on finishing this semester and preparing for the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.Video of Joe Mixon punching woman.

Video of Joe Mixon punching woman