Information reaching has it that SCREENSHOTS, VIDEOS AND PHOTOS show friends and college mates want to introduce Noah Schnapp to drugs, drug and sleep with him, beat him as they call him ‘weird and naive’.

Noah Schnapp Pool Video – University of Pennsylvania want to introduce Noah Schnapp to drugs, girls wanting to rape him, and beat him as they call him ‘weird and naive’

Taking to social media, a burner account of Noah Schnapp, shared some screenshots of the intentions friends and college mates have towards Noah Schnapp.

And have sex with him. In another screenshot, some of his college mates are planning to beat and physical assault him as they said he’s weird and naive.

In another screenshot, people are trying to introduce him to doing hard drugs and drinking alcohol.

BurnerForNoah wrote:

“Hello, I have a friend who attends the University of Pennsylvania. As everyone may know, Noah Schnapp also attends this university. I have been told several things about his stay at the university, which I will talk about in this thread.

“Disclaimer!! I am not creating this thread to cancel Noah in any way and I am just trying to warn him and his fans.

“- There had been things people have been planning around the school to do to him. Such as peer pressure to do drugs and alcohol and other things as well.

“- He has made a few friends there who are fake towards him. A lot of them talk behind his back and only want to befriend him because he is famous. They don’t see him as a person.

“- There have been words around of people saying they would put things in his drink. – People are trying to get him to do things “for fun” and to fit in, but they make fun of him for it.

“- Girls at the school are trying/planning to take advantage of him in weird and gross ways. (Such as date raping him). – People from his college are taking videos/photos of him and posting them out of context and selling them to paparazzi sites.

“- People from his school have expressed that they find his behavior at the school weird and annoying. – People are stalking him, finding him and or his dorm, etc. Again, I am not trying to cancel this kid in any way, I’m not even a fan. I just honestly feel genuinely horrified with the things people are planning to do to him that no one should ever have to go through. Please, if we can, try to RT and share this to spread awareness

“Because this is honestly just so scary and no one deserves to be treated like this just because they’re a celebrity and he deserves to be warned about this stuff. Adding on to this, don’t assume this can’t happen to him because he’s famous. It increases the chances of it happening since more people are obsessed with him.

“And one more disclaimer: these are things being said at upenn. All the screenshots in this thread are connected to upenn students. Whether that proves that they’re telling the truth or not is hard to tell, but better be safe than sorry. I know for a fact that some of it already has happened, and some things will happen if he is not careful. The point of this thread is to warn Noah, so he looks out in the future.