Inquisitor Ghost Tiktok Live Video Explained. Inquisitor Ghost is a 23-year-old Italian cosplayer on TikTok, boasting a substantial following of over 100,000 fans. His TikTok content primarily revolves around popular trends, lip-syncing, and playful, alluring posts.

Inquisitor stands among a diverse community of Ghost cosplayers, but he’s especially recognized for his engaging videos, often showcasing a striking red lightsaber.

On October 9th 2023 Inquisitor Ghost conducted a live session on TikTok. Shockingly, during the broadcast, there were reports suggesting that Inquisitor appeared to engage in self-harming behavior.

This led to viewers taking immediate action, with some individuals reportedly breaking his glass door to provide assistance, administering CPR in an attempt to revive him. While the video was subsequently shared multiple times on TikTok, it appears that all such content has since been removed from the platform.

There is currently no official confirmation regarding Inquisitor Ghost’s status, leaving his fate uncertain. However, the available evidence unfortunately points towards a tragic outcome.

A TikToker, who claims to be Inquisitor’s father, posted a video recently in which he mourned the loss of his son. This video has garnered support from others within the TikTok community, who have asserted the authenticity of the claim, indicating that their efforts to revive Inquisitor were unsuccessful.

In the absence of an official investigation, the truth of these allegations remains unverified. Nonetheless, a substantial portion of the TikTok community contends that these accusations lack credibility, and some believe that AJ and her boyfriend Tito may have intentionally enticed Inquisitor into sending inappropriate messages.

Tito has addressed accusations that he aimed to “ruin Inquisitor’s life” in a video of his own. He argued that the direct messages (DMs) had been misconstrued and taken out of context.

Tito defended his actions by pointing out that Inquisitor had previously sent AJ predatory messages, likely referring to the messages from March 2023. Tito claimed his intention.

The videos were swiftly removed after their upload, coinciding with an increasing number of people expressing support for Inquisitor while turning against AJ and Tito.

Many argued that the evidence of predatory behavior was insufficient and that indications of AJ manipulating Inquisitor were compelling. It’s crucial to emphasize that there hasn’t been an official investigation, and most of the information surrounding these allegations remains speculative.