Suzy Cortez le@ks photos and videos went vir@l on Twitter:

Suzy Cortez hit model and social media influencer trending on social media for her le@ked videos and photos. She start earning on her account O.F round about $25,000 on her fan,s face inked on her crotch and offer her $100,000 but she reject an offer.

Who is Suzy Cortez:

Suzy is a well-known model for her tattoo of football legend player Lionel Messi. And has grabbed the headlines again for the oddest reason. “Suzy Cortez” leaves everything to 3xpose in fans and earn millions of dollars.

Bio Data:

She belongs to São Paulo, Brasil. And she is just 29 years old. She wins the 2-time “MISS BUMBUM” title the first time in 2015 and the second time She win the title of “MISS BUMBUM” in October.


In October Suzy reclaimed the title of “MISS bumbum.” And earn Almost (50,000) BRL in a pound (£9,840) in different sponsorship offers. And has become the first woman to win the title of Miss BumBum twice.

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