stanislav reshetnyak video – stas reeflay leaked video full

stanislav reshetnyak video

YouTube monster who killed girlfriend in sick livestream jailed after he was paid by viewers to abuse Hera RUSSIAN YouTuber who killed his girlfriend in a sickening live stream as viewers watched has been jailed.

Stas Reeflay who used the name Stanislav Reshetnikov, 30, was convicted of inflicting grievous bodily harm resulting in death sentenced to six years in a strict penal colony by a Russian court.

was subjected to live online abuse and died of head injuries.Bullying Reshetnikov, 30, was paid by watchers to inflict verbal and physical violence on her in the streaming session in which she died.

As he went into court in Moscow

his mother Elena Reshetnyak was seen kissing him.When he emerged flanked by armed officers to start his sentence, he appeared in tears. In the live stream he had labelled Grigoryeva a “prostitute” and “smelly.

First reports say she died from being locked outside near naked in subzero temperatures – seen live by punters on YouTube and other platforms.But later forensic experts concluded a head injury was the cause of death.

When Reshetnik allowed her back in it was clear to viewers that she appeared dead, and one called emergency services.