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Sam Smith sparks debate about age restrictions over raunchy new music video.

The music video for Sam Smith’s new single has divided the internet, as people debate age restrictions for music videos.

Smith, who released their new album Gloria on Friday, unveiled the clip for their new single, ‘I’m Not Here to Make Friends’.

The glamorous extravaganza features Smith, 30, arriving at a castle via helicopter before dancing alongside scantily clad dancers wearing corsets and suspenders.

In one scene dancers are filmed writhing on beds wearing only black leather pants.While the video has mostly gone down a treat with fans of the powerhouse vocalist, other viewers are less than impressed and have called for the clip to be censored.

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A debate has now erupted on Twitter as people argue over whether the video should be age restricted on platforms like YouTube or if people think the video is more outrageous than it actually is because of its queer imagery.One disappointed Twitter user wrote: “No f***ing need, it’s blatant tacky $exualised bulls**t. As a mum of teenagers I’m sick of seeing people using s**t like this to sell their music.

“I would be saying this about anyone who put out a video like this.”It’s not about #SamSmith gender, I don’t care about their gender.”There was lots of ‘concern for the children’-type tweets. “I can’t believe kids look up to @samsmith. This s**t should be banned on YouTube,” someone else complained.

While one compares weirdly compared the $exually liberating music video to self-confessed misogynist Andrew Tate. “If we’re crunching down on Andrew Tate for apparently warping children’s minds…we should be banishing Sam Smith to Mars. #SAMSMITH #AndrewTate.”

sam smith new video