Mrbeast Private Jet Video

American YouTuber MrBeast has given away a $2,500 000 private jet to a fellow content creator in a viral challenge video. The American YouTuber and social media personality is known for his generosity and has hosted a number of giveaways with insane prizes in the past.

MrBeast has given a lot to his followers and has become known for a social media star who contributes to his local community.Over the weekend, MrBeast uploaded a YouTube challenge with 11 fellow YouTubers where each one of them had the chance to win a $2,500 000 private jet.

In the challenge, YouTubers had to place their hand on the plane and leave it there for as long as they can until one of them wins.

Mrbeast Private Jet viral Video

The video features the likes of several well-known content creators, including I Show Speed, Lazar Beam, Vikkstar, Harry “W2S” Lewis and Chunkz.MrBeast asked the winner of the challenge to give away the private jet to someone who needs it more than them.

The winner of the challenge managed to hold their hand on the plane for 18 hours.We won’t give any spoilers and reveal who won the plane – you can watch and find that out for yourself down below.

MrBeast rented out an entire airport to film and host the private jet challenge. Yep, you read that right, the production of the video required an entire airport.