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Lil Pump most recently released his third studio album back in December 2021, a collaborative effort with producer and rapper Ronny J titled ‘No Name’.

The album was dropped with little to no fanfare, but did include the single ‘Racks to The Ceiling’ with Canadian rapper Tory Lanez, which Lil Pump had released earlier that year in August.Since first breaking out on to the music scene in 2016, Lil Pump has released 1 mixtape which is adored by his fans and music critics alike. His debut mixtape.

Lil Pump Is quickly becoming one of the most popular rappers on the planet, and continues to release top of the line material.

It seems that the sky is the limit for the success of the young Miami hip hop rising star, as his popularity and fan base rapidly grow exponentially larger by the day.

Expect to see more big things in the future from Lil Pump, as he continues to operate as a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop music industry.

lil pump twitter video

Lil Pump has announced an Asia tour later this month that will see him playing six tour dates across the region.

Born August 17th, 2000 in Miami, Florida, Gazzy Garcia more commonly known by his stage name Lil Pump is an American rapper, songwriter, entertainer, and performer that is currently signed to Warner Bros Records.

While specializing in the musical genres of hip hop and trap, he has quickly become a rising star in the music industry.

Lil Pump has cultivated a large group of very loyal fans and followers including over 6 million followers on his Instagram account, over 1.5 million followers on his Twitter account, and over 750 thousand listeners on his SoundCloud.

His music videos have been viewed millions of times online, such as his video for the hit song “Gucci Gang” which has individually racked up over 250 million views on YouTube.

Lil pump is currently taking his one of a kind live to eager music goers across the country, as he embarks on his second nationwide tour of the United States watch video full