Lil Fizz Mushroom Video | Lil Fizz Twitter Le@ked O.F Video Explored

Today’s one more video trending on Twitter and other social media platforms now, the social media world is full of all kinds of madness. Rap star singer Nelly “accidentally” released an explicit video on his Instagram story of himself earlier today. And within seconds, the video has captured and viral on social media. Lil Fizz, a (B2K) celebrity, is also trending number one on Twitter for a similar reason.

A video from an O.F page for “Lil Fizz” “le@ked” into Twitter. We aren’t sharing the video but you to provide a link so you can watch and enjoy it.


First, we know who he is Lil Fizz is a famous rapper, singer, and songwriter in the U.S. He is well known in hip bounce, and R&B high schooler popular and popular rap music and was born on 26th November 1985 in New Orleans, Louisiana the U.S., and is 36 years old. His original name is (Dreux Pierre Frédéric). Lil Fizz is separate from the B2K band that is one of the most popular music bands all over in America.

Lil Fizz Leaked Video:

Responding to Lil Fizz le@ked video, “So, first Nelly, then Lil Fizz, last night Isiah Rashad, and this morning Nigerian Star Oxlade Why are all their sex tape getting released? What is the media trying to distract us from? Something bigger is going on!!!.”

People are generally disappointed with the video. Many users commented that the “Lil Fizz” has an “ugly” boomerang-shaped h00d.

Here is the link: