Lacey Amour video is going viral on the internet and social media platforms. Travelodge video is being viral on twitter. You can watch full video here.

A lady who recorded p0rnographic material inside a hotel that threatened legal action claims she did nothing wrong.

Along with 27 other people, 23-year-old Lacey Amour checked into a Travelodge in Newcastle’s Cobalt Business Park and immediately began recording X-rated material for her social media channel without the hotel’s management’s knowledge.

The hotel chain stated earlier this week that it will be looking into a potential “breach” of its terms and regulations; however, Ms Amour maintains that she hasn’t broken any laws, according to the BBC.

“[Adult content creation] is one of the longest-running industries to exist and we face injustice and discrimination that other industries don’t,” she said, breaking her silence on the dispute.

“We are all professionals.”

Amour said that she and her teammate were “simply trying to do our jobs” and claimed that none of the rooms they filmed in suffered any damage.

A video that appears to show numerous people performing inside the hotel is currently making the rounds online.

The hotel company asserted that X-rated filming took place in several of the hotel’s public spaces, such as the hallways and elevators, where families staying at the hotel would walk by while $exy models posed for jaw-dropping pictures.

The chain also stated that prior to checking into the hotel, the group did not ask management at Travelodge for approval to produce the lewd content.

A spokesperson for Travelodge said: “We have been made aware of an allegation that filming may have taken place in one of our hotels, without our authorisation and against the terms of our booking conditions.

“We were not aware of this reservation as it was made online, similar to the millions of bookings made via our website.

“We are conducting an investigation regarding this incident and we will have no hesitation in terminating any future bookings and taking legal action if we believe an individual is in breach of our terms and conditions.”

Visitors may be asked to leave if any of the regulations are broken, as stated in the terms and conditions on the Travelodge website.

It adds that it reserves the right to cancel a booking if a person or group “conducts commercial activities or activity that intends to gain profit without written approval.”