Kim Kardashian le@ked Video | Kim Kardashian Ray J le@ked S3x Tape trending on Twitter:

Kim Kardashian & Ray J’s s3x video le@ked in (2007). Two years after the breakup and before months the premiere of Kim’s reality show, Keeping With the Kardashians on E!.

Although the vir@l Kim Kardashian le@ked video. While having s3x with Ray J, was removed from Twitter and other social media. However, it still exists on several po3n sites. Many of their people still believe that Kim Kardashian vir@l her s3xtape knowingly in order to become more famous.

Not long ago, when people were supposing that there is a 2nd se3xtape of Kim Kardashian with Ray j. The old vir@l video of Kim Kardashian resurfaced on Twitter and Reddit.

You Can Watch the complete Kim Kardashian lea@ked video and other his vir@l video we can share the link with you many already watched it but many of them are trying to watch here in the link a Twitter post which some time ago shared by Kim Kardashian and Ray J.

In an interview on “Drink Champs” in 2021. Kim’s ex-boyfriend, Nick Cannon dated him from 2006 to 2007 and accused her of lying about her s3x tape with Ray, J when they dated.

Kim’s Claim:

“People didn’t know, they were like “who’s that chick with a Nick? She is bad,” Nick said. “And then a months later probably when the tape Vir@l, I believed that the tape was made prior to me in my mind. Because it looks like to the people I was with her first and then a year later whatever the tape came out. I think that tape was an older tape, but it looks freshly it was Nick, and then it was the tape.”

Nick also retracts Kim’s claim that they were never ever really couple. And asserted that they were in a more serious relationship, before their split. “I was really into her and I was vibing,” Nick said, also said that Kim is an “amazing person.” “I believe Ray J knew before I did. I was really into her and I was vibing…We were on some serious shit.”

He also said, “She broke my heart, and then, it started being these rumors going around that it was this tape. When I asked her about it, she ignored it. I knew that they messed up with each other. I never watched the tape. Nick explained that Kim’s lie about the existence of her s3x tape with Ray J was the reason the two broke up. He said, “I just knew at that time all my team was like ‘Abort mission.”

Kim Kardashian Ray J Second S*xt@pe:

Rumors of Ray J and Kim Kardashian 2nd s3x tape are in the news all over social media again after Kim’s estranged husband, Kanye West claimed that he had one more copy. And now, Ray is fighting back.

Gossips of Kim and Ray J’s 2nd tape started in September 2021. When Ray J’s former manager Wack 100, claimed on the “Bootleg Kev” podcast that he had a copy of the s3x tape and wanted to give it as a “gift” to Kanye. He said “All I know is Kanye, holla at me, bro. We got part two on the laptop and Ain’t never been seen,” Also added, “We’d love for you to have it and It would be a great personal, private NFT.”

Kim’s Attorney:

Kim’s attorney denied that she had a 2nd s3x tape with Ray, J at the time and called the gossips. “The claim that there is an unreleased s3x tape is unequivocally false,” he told Us Weekly in a statement. “It is unlucky that people make these statements to try and get their 20 minutes of fame.”

Ray J also challenge that the s3x tape existed in a post, on his Instagram at the time. Where he told his former manager that the rumors “ain’t be cool.”

He added more, I have been staying off the Raydar, “Just staying focused and being humble and thankful for all the blessings I’m receiving”. How can I show growth and maturity if this stuff keeps happening? I am a father and my job is to be a great parent and put them first. This is not a message that I want to send out.

His attorney Kanye West Says he stopped a second Kim Kardashian, Ray J s3x tape from le@king. Kanye West claims he stopped a 2nd s3x tape of Kardashian and (J) from le@king.

The Yeezy fashion designer says Jason Lee of “Hollywood Unlocked” that and despite his ongoing divorce from Kim, he allegedly did her the favor and got the tape back.

She says.“I went and got the laptop from Ray myself that night,” West 44, said during the interview, which was released on Tuesday. “I met this man, then got on a red-eye, and came back delivered it to her at t a.m7 in the morning.”

Collected Laptop And Hard Drive:

West further said that the Skims founder was so glad at the sight of the laptop that she broke down in tears.

“She cried when she saw at. You know why she cried when seen it on the laptop. Because it represents how much she had been used,” the also rapper said. “It represents how much people did not love her, and they just saw her as a commodity.”

A spokesperson for Kim confirmed there was a laptop, but denied the existence of any explicit content.

The collected laptop and hard drive were supposed to contain the original content and any unseen footage. There was nothing s3xu@l unseen, only footage on the plane on the way to go Mexico and footage at a club on the same trip.”

In September-2021. The one wish crooner’s former manager Wack 100 said, on a podcast he had “part two of his video” of the infamous s3x tape. But the Beauty mogul’s attorneyof Marty Singer quickly shot down the claims.

“The claim there is an unseen s3x tape is unequivocally wrong.

“It is unlucky that people make these statements and try to and get their 20 minutes of fame.”

Wack: who has been spotted with West recently and claimed the 2nd s3x tape he allegedly had in his possession was “more graphic and better than.” The one that was disreputably released. In a bizarre twist Wack allegedly offered to Kim’s estranged husband.

I would never ever give it to someone but Kanye. He said, “That is the mother of his children.”

It looks like Ye took Wack up on his offer.