Many incidents occurred on social media platforms like face-splitting videos, Takayo Nembhard Death videos and Russian Brick videos. But this time, something different is trending “Bryce Williams Sho0ting video.” This is a tragedic event in which Bryce Williams shot two reporters and recorded the video.

A gunman with a grudge sh0t and k*lled two journalists who used to work with him. He filmed the crime and then put the video on Facebook.

Bryce Williams Video

Police have confirmed that killer Vesper Lee Flanagan, who worked at WDBJ7 under the name Bryce Williams, killed himself shortly after the video was posted. People said he was in very bad shape, but police later said he had died from his injuries.

Williams, who is 41 years old, seemed to have posted a video of the sho0ting to his Twitter and Facebook accounts. But unfortunately, those accounts are deleted immediately.

Bryce Williams Shooting Video

August 27, 2015. Roanoke, VA (ONN). The video of Bryce Williams sho0ting and killing a local news reporter and her cameraman yesterday while they were on TV is one of the most-wanted clips this morning. But because of how YouTube works. It’s almost impossible to find the video the shooter shot and put on the web. Here are both clips of Bryce Williams’s tragic on-air murders from yesterday, which were made possible by grassroots media.

A former employee of WDBJ7 has tweeted a video that seems to show him walking up to Alison Parker and Adam Ward while they were filming a news segment 25 miles outside of Roanoke, Virginia, at 6:45 this morning, shooting them.

Around 11:10 a.m., a Twitter account that seemed to belong to Vester Lee Flanagan, who worked for WDBJ7 as Bryce Williams, sent out a tweet. “I recorded the shooting on video, check out Facebook.”(video is not available)

Bryce Williams Tweets

He then sent out two tweets with videos showing what the shooter saw as he walked up to the news team. As the shooter stood behind cameraman Adam Ward, it looked like the team didn’t know he was there. In the second video, Flanagan can be seen firing at Parker. The video ends there. A single event video was also posted to Bryce Williams’s Facebook account.
Shortly after the tweets, the Twitter account was banned.

Parker and Ward were killed in the shooting, and Vicki Gardner, the head of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce in the town of Moneta in the southwest, was shot in the back and had surgery this morning, according to multiple news sources.

Late this morning, the police said they were looking for Flanagan. Now, however, sources in law enforcement say that the shooter shot himself.

Before taking the video down, MassLive was able to record it. MassLive has changed this video so that it ends before the man with the gun shoots Parker.

Because of violent content, Bryce Williams shooting video is trending on social media platforms. People are getting curious to know about the Bryce Williams video. You can watch the Bryce williams video here.

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