Goncalo Ramos video a bater uma

Intimate video of Portuguese footballer, Gonçalo Ramos, leaked on social media. After the video surfaced online, celebrities and fans defend the Portuguese player.

Gonçalo Ramos, a Portuguese football player currently representing the national team in FIFA, found himself involved in a huge controversy on the night of Wednesday, December 7th. An intimate video of the 21-year-old footballer was posted on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit and it has been widely shared.

Goncalo Ramos video

The photos of Goncalo Ramos

sent to an unnamed woman and apparently released by her, showed Gonçalo Ramos in a moment of compromise.

Hours after the video began to circulate, the player’s name entered the top of Twitter trends in Portugal and fans worldwide began hunting the video. There are many shares made in hours, but even more of those show solidarity with the footballer.

Ana Garcia Martins, known as ‘A Pipoca Mais Doce’, turned to Instagram to comment on the topic: ” People who share intimate videos of third parties: they are very big motherfuckers “.

Joana Albuquerque, a former participant of ‘Big Brother’, lamented the fact that the controversy arose precisely after Gonçalo Ramos shone in the World Cup in Qatar by scoring three goals for the national team, in the game (against Switzerland) of qualifying for the quarterfinals Final.

“Sometimes, the people we trust are the ones who don’t want to see us shine. Have you seen that the video of Gonçalo Ramos only appeared after his performance yesterday? It wasn’t a coincidence”, highlighted Joana.

Among the fans, there are many reactions of solidarity with the Portuguese star. “When nud3s of girls are spread it’s horrible and they are monsters, but when it spreads of a man, just because he’s famous and he’s Gonçalo Ramos, is it already a joke?”, asks a fan.

“Gonçalo Ramos shared a very intimate video of himself with a woman. This woman circulated the video. The non-consensual sharing of $exual content is a crime. The law does not apply only when the victims are women. This hypocrisy is disturbing. me”, shot another follower.

There are also those who fear that the disclosure of the video will shake the psychological state of the player and will “take away the World Cup”. “What a shitty society. Along with Ronaldo, another victim of people who can’t see anyone up there”, said the same internet user.