Britt barbie fight video leaked

Britt barbie fight video leaked .Barbie gained an audience through her TikTok account, which has amassed more than 400,000 followers for its deplorable content. A viral video she posted in February 2022 showed how content creators didn’t realize her hair might be growing out of her scalp.

Britt Barbie Fight Video

video hilarious. Many were curious about what triggered the physical fight. It seemed like netizens were glad to see the influencer get thrashed to the floor “What prompted the fight remains unknown as the audio cannot be heard clearly. The script in the video.

Britt barbie fight video tiktok

Sis stepped up like she finna do something”: Britt Barbie fight video gets hilariously trolled online TikToker Britt Barbie went viral on Twitter after getting beaten up at Mid Rivers Mall in Missouri.

The influencer landed on the floor after getting punched by an unidentified woman. The video has garnered immense traction online, with netizens finding the situation hilarious.

Britt barbie fight twitter video

Twitter user @faitheartsuuu posted a video of Britt Barbie approaching a couple at the mall. In the video, an unidentified man appeared to provoke the influencer.

What he said to her remains unknown. The couple went on to walk past the content creator. However, it seemed like the influencer wanted to respond to the man.

Britt barbie fight video trending

Britt Barbie went on to approach the couple. The woman then placed her hands on the TikToker and smashed her to the ground. In the clip going viral, Barbie can be seen attempting to get up.

However, she slipped and was unable to do so. It appeared as if the influ7encer was not willing to raise her hands against the stranger.