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Controversy in “France has an incredible talent”: a candidate plays the flute… with her vaginaa candidate for the show France has an incredible talent” began to play the flute with her vagina. A scene that shocked some viewers.

Beatrice Mcqueef Flute Video Went Viral

Tuesday, November 8, around 11 p.m in the program “France has an incredible talent” broadcast on M6, a candidate achieved a somewhat special performance.

Béatrice McQueef, a 40-year-old Australian gynecologist, sat upside down and legs apart between two chairs. In garter belt, she then began to play the flute with her vagina.

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However, shortly before the performance, the presenter Karine Le Marchand had invited the young audience to leave the room. “Their chaste eyes are not suitable”, she had justified. The images were, however, broadcast on television.

The private parts of the candidate had been hidden by a “cat” emoji.Among the jury, Helene Ségara and comedian Sugar Sammy voted red against the candidate. Marianne James and Éric Antoine were more enthusiastic.

Beatrice Mcqueef Flute Video Went Viral On Social Media

Beatrice McQueef, however, was not selected.performance made many viewers laugh on social networks, some were shocked by the broadcast of such a sequence on television during a “prime time It’s really nonsense It’s is vulgar for a family show.

I am shocked”, thus reacted to Internet users.A candidate for the French version of America’s Got Talent used her private parts to please the judges with her flute.

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She plays the flute with her vagina reversed to “France has an incredible talent” and many people are shockedAs the camera started, the woman, who is a gynecologist, took off her skirt and revealed her underwear.