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Antonio Brown snapchat story: Former Bucs WR goes overboard against Tom Brady by posting photoshopped nud3 image of Gisele Bündchen.

Antonio Brown Snapchat Story viral video

The former Bucs, Raiders, and Steelers WR has had a rough turn of events in terms of his career arc since leaving the Steelers. After getting involved in numerous incidents with Oakland/Las Vegas, he was dropped, and for a while, it seemed like he would be out of the league.

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However, he was given a lifeline by the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. After one game, he was gone as charges were raised against him.

Then, he was given another lifeline when Tom Brady recruited him to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and convinced ex-head coach Bruce Arians that it was the correct move.

Antonio Brown Snapchat Story

Brown nearly lasted 2 seasons, before he stormed out of a game against the Jets. Now, it seems like Brown is effectively done with football.

Antonio Brown mocks Tom Brady amid Gisele Bündchen

AB Snapchat: Antonio Brown continues attack against Tom Brady with explicit Gisele Bündchen photo on Snapchat storyRecently, Brown has been making things very personal. He’s adamant that he was done wrong by the Buccaneers, and most notably, he’s gone after Tom Brady for being a questionable leader.

Antonio Brown Snapchat Story video