Jennie’s fun style shows off her charming personality in a cool way. In her most recent Instagram post, the BLACKPINK star struck a s**y pose while wearing a black bralette and jeans. You can look at pictures of the K-pop singer, who dressed very well. Get the latest news by following ,

Jennie Kim makes sure her style speaks for itself, which makes her stand out. The BLACKPINK singer recently posted a picture of herself in a s**y pose wearing a black bralette and denim jeans. The K-pop star did everything she could to show off her toned stomach in the best way. The BLINKS can’t get enough of her stylish Calvin Klein bralette and charcoal black denim jeans.


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Even though many BTS-Blackpink and ARMYs fans think this story made up by shippers and isn’t true. Something always comes up. Kim Jennie seen carrying a black handbag in one of the pictures that got out. It’s said from the brand Nieeh. Which Jennie of Blackpink and her friend Chahee are said to own together. People who like the rapper Taennie have seen a bag like it in the new pictures he took at the airport. We know that they are back in Korea after performing at the MTV VMAs 2022 in the US. They also got trophies, including one for Lisa for being the best K-pop soloist (Lalisa)

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