Popular influencer Ava Louise has opened up about her new romance with Monty Lopez, extending an olive branch to his daughter, TikTok star Addison Rae, after a brief affair last year.

Videos Monty Lopez – Ava Louise leaked onlyfans on twitter and reddit

Addison Rae is one of TikTok’s most popular creators, with over 88 million followers on the viral video app…but now the internet’s focus is on her dad.

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Monty Lopez, 46, became a hot topic this summer after a 25-year-old woman revealed her relationship with the famous TikTok dad in a series of shocking Instagram posts.

His wife Sheri Easterling and his daughter Addison Rae also followed him on social media – and things got even crazier.

Lopez challenged rapper Yung Gravy in a boxing match and even dropped a diss track about Sheri after the artist flirted with him. Most recently, the older man opened an OnlyF account in which he made a pointed post to his ex-partner.

Lopez has also started a new relationship with controversial influencer Ava Louise, who also has a big presence on OnlyF and platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The pair first went public with their relationship on Aug. 20 in a TikTok video in which the couple shared a kiss.

This isn’t the first time Ava Louise has been involved with the Rae family. In 2021, she publicly flirted with TikToker Bryce Hall when he was in a relationship with Addison (who wasn’t too happy about the whole ordeal).

Given her new relationship with Addison’s father (and her comments about being a TikToker’s “stepmother”), some fans wondered if there was a feud between the two stars…but Ava Louise wants the two” Reconnect with the past. “Leave them behind, according to our sources.

“I have a very lucky relationship with Monty because he’s a Sagittarius and I’m a Leo,” she said of her romance with Lopez in an exclusive statement from the source. “We’re all associated with social media threats and fire signs. I just want a mixed family. I spend a lot of time at church praying for peace and unity. I’m looking forward to the holidays and would love to spend it with my family. “

“Considering this isn’t the first dad I’ve dated, I have a lot of experience with stepmothers and welcome Addison into my life with open arms. I wish we could put the past behind me because at a time when I’m craving Bryce Hall , I took a lot of Adderall and it increased my libido tremendously. I am now off Adderall and into a new page.”